Gunnerside Black Chromexcel

The Gunnerside is a classic Norwegian «halvturist». Based on a last copied from the exact pair made by famed Scottish  bootmaker Robert Lawrie for the Norwegian SOE-agent Joachim Rønneberg for Operation Gunnerside during WWII.

Constructed on a double layer leather sole, the upper is brass screwed to the insole like the Dundas Type 01. Using the finest combination tanned leathers for the upper, and a supple but strong horsehide lining, the Gunnerside builds on the strengths of the Type 01: excellent breathing characteristics, stability and that unique handmade feel.

The softer sole and lining makes the Gunnerside an altogether more amicable experience than its more hardcore cousin. Made for paved streets rather than muddy trails, the Gunnerside is still sturdier than most, satisfying even the strongest wanderlust.

With it’s beautiful proportions and squared-off toe, the Gunnerside is a true Norwegian classic.

2% of the proceeds will go directly to the Norwegian veteran organization VFFSK.


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