Livid x Dundas - Jeans

Limited to 24 jeans

The Fabric

The jeans are made from a 14 Oz dry rigid selvage denim from the renowned artisanal fabric mill, Nihon Menpu, Japan. The denim is constructed with a 58% cotton / 42% hemp composition, which gives it quite an unique and beautiful feel. The warp yarn is completely made of hemp fiber which combined with initially having a quite loose weave gives the denim a great slubby look, which will break in beautifully through wear and tear. Genuine Dundas Tartan cloth detailing on inner lining and pockets add both comfort and style while paying homage to the great mills of Scotland.   


The fit

The jeans are made in the  genuine Livid fit Jone – open at the waistband, curved across the seat, open in the thigh and tapered to skinny from the bottom of the thigh to the leg opening. It sits low on the hip, has a lowered place back yoke and a slightly lowered backpocket placement. This fit works both for the ones who likes a more relaxed slim fit, or for those who likes to wear a fit that rests close to the body.


The construction

Handmade at the heart of Livid Jeans, using old machinery from a time where garments were made to last. Crafted by expert artisans, designed, cut, sewn and finished by only four hands, all under the very same roof in Trondheim, Norway; to date the only remaining jeans-factory in the country.


Collaboration with a limited production of 24 jeans, signed and numbered.

Contact us for sizing  - the co-lab jeans will be "Made to Order"

NB! Estimated production for the "Made to Order" jeans is currently 4 to 8 weeks due to high demand at the Livid Jeans factory in Trondheim. 

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