Type 01 Spinnaker

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The boots are built around the Dundas Type 01 last which is derived from an old shepards last for ultimate comfort and stability in any terrain. A quite extreme toe spring combined with the lateral stability of the triple leather sole provides excellent support and walking comfort. A layer of natural cork between the inner and outer sole quickly shapes to the owners feet, and once broken in will only get better with age and use. The breathable nature of leather and cork keeps your feet happy and dry whether its hot or cold.

The Leather

To give the boot a look and feel that match the ruggedness of the construction we opted for a thick waxy Spinnaker leather made at the Horween tannery in Chicago. The vegetable retannage produce a rustic pull-up that gives huge variation in apperance, depending on use and maintance, while the oils and formulated liquors in the retanning process condition and impregnate the leather. Hardwearing yet supple, it is perfect for all weather conditions.

The Construction

Benchmade in England, using a unique brass screw technique that attach the triple leather sole to the inner sole with the use of one of two brass screw machines known to exist worldwide. A small team of skillfull workers make the boots ground up from patches of leather, and except for the grippy Dainite Logger rubber halfsoles everything is constructed and finished in-house.

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