Store Bjørn Kodiak

Ursa Major, also known as the Great Bear, is a constellation in the Northern sky, whose associated mythology dates back into prehistory. As a symbol of the north, strength and longevity, but also man’s connection to nature, it encapsulates our ambitions for making the ultimate pair of heavy duty mountain boots.

Store Bjørn is for demanding mountain climbers and hikers carrying heavy loads. Stable, reliable and breathable they are ideal for those long expeditions. Every part is chosen for optimum performance, long life and repairability. 

Starting with the one piece upper, we chose the famous 3.5 - 4.0mm Gallo Juchten™ vegetable tanned leather from the Swiss tanner Gallusser, probably the best and most expensive leather for mountain boots available. The construction is traditional triple stitched Norwegian welt, the ultimate construction for weather protection, stability and strength. Memory foam in the tongue and around the ankles ensures comfort and protection, while the Vibram Montagna provides great grip and stability. Store Bjørn is available in half sizes to ensure a perfect fit.

Repairable ad infinitum, Store Bjørn and Lille Bjørn is made to last for generations. 
  •  Gallusser GALLO JUCHTEN™ 3,5-4.0mm leather
  •  Upper of one single piece of leather
  •  Vibram Montagna for great grip and stability
  •  Roller bearing eyelets
  •  Norwegain welted for ultimate weather protection
  •  Memory foam in tongue and around ankles for comfort and protection
  •  Sewn tongue to provide maximum water protection
  •  Available in half sizes
Weight: 1,2kg (42) per boot
Made in Austria

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