highly versatile, all season combat boot


For years we have worked quietly behind the scenes with active and former Norwegian SOF operatives, wilderness survival instructors and The Research Council of Norway to develop a modern combat boot for the Norwegian Special Forces. The GS22 is all form follows function, designed for heavy use and built to last for years of active service at the sharp end of the defense stick.

The design brief, based on feedback from SOF operatives, was:

-  Very high lateral stability 
-  Exeptional breathing and quick drying characteristics
-  No GoreTex or similar membranes
-  Good water protection
-  No «snag/tripping points», like sole edges or speed hooks
-  Great grip, also when climbing/rappelling
- Longevity and repairability
- High walking comfort
- Good overall protection for the users feet
- Structural integrity

To achieve these goals we started with a modified Norwegian welted construction, as we feel this is the best construction for both stability and walking comfort, while being almost impossible to wear out. The welt is hidden behind a rubber cup sole, further protecting the inner construction and making resoling easy.
Stability is key: when carrying +60kg in rough terrain you need boots you can trust.

The leather is a full grain, 3mm reversed leather from a German tannery. The reason for reversing it is that the surface is much less vulnerable to cuts and bruises, and the «skin layer» on the inside acts as a barrier against water. Shoe care and water protection is achieved with leather wax only. No, you can’t achieve spit shine with these, but we strongly feel water protection and breathing/drying characteristics are most important. Thick leather also contains heat, making leather boots cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter

Inner lining is also full grain leather. Again, breathing/drying characteristics and comfort dictates this choice. There are no seams at the heel, to avoid a classic weak point with regards to tear and wear. The thick, non-hygroscopic ankle pads serves two main objectives: protection/comfort, and moving the feet a bit forward in the boot, reducing pressure on the heel. The result is less tear & wear on the inner lining, and less fatigue for the user. 

The lace loops are closed to avoid tripping and facilitate quick tightening. A two zone system over/below the instep point makes adjustments easy. If you have swollen feet, you can lighten the pressure on the forefoot while still have tight lacing around the ankle and leg. Or a tight lacing over the forefoot and loose and airy lacing upwards.

The cup sole is antistatic, and has what we feel the best combination of grip and long life. It is also easy to replace. The rubber strip on the inside protects the lower part of the boot, but its main function is to add grip for climbing. The insole is an easily changeable leather/cambrelle antibacterial insole we also use in our mountain boots. Can easily be substituted with the users own personal preference like orthopedic insoles.

After a year of rigorous testing by active NSOF operatives, mountaineers and survival experts, we are confident that the design brief were passed with flying colours.

The GS22 is a highly versatile, all season combat boot that will work superbly for hunters, bushcraft types and demanding adventurers. A modern equivalent to our Gunnerside42.

Made for the most demanding operators


Full grain 3.0 - 3.2mm upper leather from Germany

Full grain 1,1 - 1,4mm inner leather lining

Two-zone lacing

Modified Norwegian welt/cupsole construction

Schomburg & Graf antistatic rubber sole

Memory foam in tongue and around ankles for comfort and protection

Leather/Cambrelle antibacterial insole

Sourcing of materials and production 100% European

Weight: 1.1kg (size 42)

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