Shoe care 101

To get the most milage out of your investment it is important tp properly maintain and care for your boots. It´s really not that difficult. Seriously!
Just follow a few important rules and get the feel for the leather. Your skin reacts to the weather and the environment, right? So does your leather boots.

1. First of all, keep your boots clean. Muck, mud, dirt and salt will dry out the natural oils in the leather, making the leather brittle and hard.
A soft brush is usually all you need. Severe mud and grime is best washed of with a damp cloth.

2. Feed the leather with high quality leather dressing and use a small brush to reach every nook and cranny. Remember to use a small amount as you don't want to saturate the leather. Once you restore the natural oil content you create a barrier between the environment ond the leather. Top it of with a nice and shiny polish, and you are good to go. 

3. Excessive heat will make the leather swell, so dry your wet boots at normal temperatures. Radiator heat is a definitive no-no. Stuffing newspaper into the boots is an efficient way to speed up the drying process.

4. Breaking in your boots is a simple but important task. Start wearing your boots in dry conditions for about a week before using leather dressing or wax. Then feed the leather soles with your leather dressing of choice, wipe it off and viola! your boots are ready for all kinds of weather.

5. Resole your boots before you wear down the rubber half soles. Changing the rubber soles is easy and inexpensive. Resoling the leather soles is not. Be a grown up, take care of your boots!

Now strap up your pair of Dundas and take them for a walk. They'll love it!