Type 02 Chelsea Winter Smoke

Beautifully curved one piece Chelsea Boots with a subtle cuban heel. Hand crafted from the finest Ante Repello on our Type 02 last. The high quality green elastic is a Dundas tartan reminder.

Contrary to popular belief, the Dundas Type 01 can not be used in every setting. Almost, yes, but there are times when you need a sleek, light and comfortable shoe that facilitates heel & toe downshifting in a 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA, or when you take your girl (or man) out for a nice dinner and late night dancing. Or when you just want to dress razor sharp. For these special occasions we created the Dundas Type 02.

The Type 02 last was developed with artisan last-maker Michael James in the UK to get the craftsmans touch to every curve and to get the balance juuust right. Using a true boot last the arch and heel are shaped while being on the last - more work, but better result. Goodyear welted on high quality leather soles and wrapped in the finest vegetable tanned Italian calf leather lining, the Type 02 is so harmonic it will make your heart pump and your feet dance - whether it is on the dance floor or on the pedals in an Italian exotic. The Type 02 all about pace & rythm.

Delivered with rubber half soles.


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