Gunnerside 80th Anniversary Knife

We teamed up with knifemaker Knut Silgjerd and Kolibri Knives to create a knife with unmatched functionality while honouring the history of the Gunnerside mission. As a part of the Linge legacy, Knut has a close connection to the history, and knows what is asked for in a reliable knife.

This knife is all about functionality and use, and comes with a life time guarantee. The geometry and shape is designed for a plethora of assignements, from fishing, hunting and bushcraft to eh...general knifing. The handle has excellent grip, and the sheath is designed to keep the knife secure in all conditions.

Uddeholm AEB-L stainless steel, cryo treated with liquid nitrogen post heat treat. Originally developed for razors, this steel is famous for its toughness and fine carbide structure.

Fulltang blade with a drop point and harpoon clip. Full flat grind with a secondary bevel. Acid stonewash finish.

Hardness: 60 Rockwell C.

Handle scales in forest green G10 fibercomposite with red, white and blue G10 liners. Blasted finish for grip. Sheath in Kydex, vegetable tanned leather and belt loop with Norwegian colours in cordura.


Hand made to order in limited numbers. Delivery time 8-12 weeks.

Contact us for further details.

Expect 1000 kr nok discount if you buy Gunnerside 42 boots and knife.


Size Guide

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Size chart
When purchasing boots, particularly online, it’s a good idea to have all your measurements squared away—the last thing you want are ill-fitting boots that makes you miserable! While keeping in mind that the width of the boot last and the volume of the boot are important factors in correctly sizing your boots, figuring out your Mondopoint size is a good first step.
It’s easy! Stand on top of a piece paper with your heel against a wall and all of your weight pressed down upon the foot you are measuring. Then, draw a line at your big toe. Measure (in centimeters) the length of the paper to the line, and voilà! That’s your Mondopoint size. You’ll need to measure both feet, as they seldom are equal.
Our measurements are made from inside the boot so you have to add 10 - 20mm to your measurements to find the size. 

Choosing the right size for your long lasting friendship is essential to get the experience. Below presented the different sizes for the different product categories.




UK 4

UK 5

UK 6

UK 7

UK 8

UK 9

UK 10

UK 11

UK 12

UK 13


EU 37

EU 38

EU 39

EU 40,5

EU 42

EU 43

EU 44,5

EU 45,5

EU 46,5

EU 47,5

In mm












Lille Bjørn Women



UK 4

UK 4,5

UK 5

UK 5,5

UK 6

UK 6,5



EU 36 2/3

EU 37 1/3

EU 38

EU 38 2/3

EU 39 1/3

EU 40

In mm









Store & Lille Bjørn - Mountaineering


UK 7

UK 7,5

UK 8

UK 8,5

UK 9

UK 9,5

UK 10

UK 10,5

UK 11

UK 11,5


EU 40 2/3

EU 41 1/3

EU 42

EU 42 2/3

EU 43 1/3

EU 44

EU 44 2/3

EU 45 1/3

EU 46

EU 46 2/3

In mm












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